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Family Visit

Required documents (from the host / sponsor) who is in possession of a B or C Permit or a Swiss national

An invitation· letter by the host in Switzerland mentioning name and relationship, duration of stay, along with copy of the residence permit/visa plus a copy of the confirmation of the accommodation.
Important: Regardless of the financial condition of the host, the guest from India must show enough financial evidence in order to defray his/her expenses in Switzerland for the duration of stay (approx. SFR. 100 per day/person).

The letter should contain the name as per passport, contact numbers, email Id and current address, employment details, visa status of the inviter/sponsor along with the name ,relationship purpose and duration of stays of the persons being invited from India. Also requires sponsor’s bank statements, employment proof, income tax details, rental agreement utility bill copy, copies of passports and visa etc.

Tourist Visit

Hotel Accommodation

Day Wise Itinerary , Tour Confirmation Vouchers/ Hotel Vouchers, Tour Payment Receipt

Bussiness Visit

Invitation from Company / Organization / Conference ,Exhibition Invitation/ Entrance Ticket

Hotel Accommodation


Documents from persons traveling:

  1. Original passport ( 6 months validity )                                                  Original 

  2. Old Passports (if any)                                                                           Original          

  3.  Photographs                                                                                       2 Photos 3.5 X 4.5 Cm White Background, Glossy Finish, Face 80 %

  4. Covering letter to the consulates stating purpose duration and Proposed travel dates in business or personal letter head, mention who will bear the expenses of the trip

  1. I.T. returns (SARAL) for last three years                                                 1 A4 Copy each

  2. Updated Bank Statement for last six months                                          Original with bank seal and Sign

  3. Fixed Deposits and any other savings                                                     COPY

  4. Air Ticket Confirmation ( Blocked itinerary is Enough )

  5. Travel Insurance valid for Schengen Countries ( Please Check Schengen Countries Approved Indurance List ) Minimum 10 days insurance is mandatory from the travel date.

If Businessmen:

  1. Covering letter to the consulates should be in Business letter head   Original

  2. Certificate of Registration                                                                  1 A4 Copy

  3. Memorandum of Association                                                             1 A4 Copy

  4. Articles of Association                                                                      1 A4 Copy

  5. Partnership Deed if Partnership Firm                                                1 A4 Copy

  6. Company Bank Statement – last 6 months                                        Original

  7. Company I.T. paper with Balance sheet - last 3 years                       1 A4 Copy

If Employee :

        1  Leave letter from the Company Mentioning your position and the length of your service.

        2. 3 Month Salary Slip

If Student:

  1. Leave letter from the Institution(During Working Days)                   Original 

  2. Bonafide Certificate (During Vacation)

  3.  ID card                           Copy

Honeymoon Couple:

  1. Marriage Certificate                                                                            1Copy

(If the husband name is not endorsed in the wife passport)


If Child Traveling without Parents:


  1. NOC from parents in Rs.20 stamp paper                                            Original + 1Copy

            duly attested by Notary Public

  1. Passport copy of parents                                                                     1 A4 Copy

            Same applicable if not traveling with spouse


If Wife Traveling Without Husband                                              NOC from Husband with Husband passport Copy




             1.        NOC from Govt.                                                                   

            2.        Leave letter  

            3. 3 Month SAlary Slip                                                             


        Retirement Proof / Letter / Pension Book Copy


1. This Checklist and Details are for Residents of Kerala.

2. All Letters to be Addressed to


The Visa Officer

Embassy of Switzerland

New Delhi

NOTE: The Embassy / Consulate / High Commission reserves the right to request further documentation. or personal interview with the visa officer.

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