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* The fee towards visa and charges to the VAC may change time to time in accordance with the ROE fluctuations. So please speak to us before making the final payment.
* The applicant should bear the cost like sudden changes in visa fee / VAC fee himself/herself, if there any such changes made by the Embassy/VAC.
* Initial Checklist for visa provided on the website is meant for common Applicants. Our experts may ask for more documentations for filing your visa depending on the circumstances of each applicant.
* It is applicant responsibility to check for any corrections or spelling mistake in their completed visa application and letters provided by our experts. If you found any mistakes, immediately inform it to us. 
* The Embassy / Consulate reserves the right to ask for any additional informations or documents if required and also call for personal interview.
* The applicant reserves the right to provide correct and clear documents and informations required for his / her visa process. 
* Providing fraudulent or forged documents may lead to rejection of application and temporary ban of your future visa applications. The company will not entertain such activities while lodging your visa application. 
* The company will not liable for the financial and personal loss that may caused by providing forged documentation.
* The visa fees, VAC charges and our service charges are not refundable after the successful submission of your application even if it is rejected or withdrawn by the applicant.
* Visa issuance is at the sole discretion of the respective authorities and HXP GLOBAL shall not be liable for any losses due to non-issuance of the visa


We reserve the right to amend ABOVE  TERMS & CONDITIONS from time to time to reflect changes in the law or others terms and conditions of Countries / Government Authorities / third party service providers. Please check this page periodically for changes & updates. 


If you have any queries relating to the Terms & Conditions , you may email us at

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